Weddings are not only an important day in a couple’s lives but a beautiful prologue to their stories. It marks both the beginning and end of a phase of their lives, as they leave their separate lives behind and begin a new life together.

Nottingham wedding photography bride and groom locked in a passionate kiss

Second, to a photographer, I am a storyteller, and extremely passionate about photography, and believe the mark of this new chapter needs to be told in the best possible way. My goal is to capture natural, beautiful, fun and unposed wedding photos, giving you a comprehensive story of your wedding in whatever format it takes!

With my style and my experience, I will bring these special memories to life for years to come, in a creative, honest, and beautiful way.

Nottingham wedding photography bride and groom looking at lady in blue dress giving a wedding reading

I believe a wedding should flow. It is a day to be enjoyed by everyone, meaning a lot to not only the bride and groom but all their loved ones too. It’s this that carries my passion for wedding photography; I follow the day as it happens, capturing all those special moments of not just the bride and groom, but friends reuniting, surprise family guests, and every joyous hug and tear shed.

wedding photographer nottingham - bride and groom in a woodland setting walking through the wedding confetti throwing

If you are looking at booking a wedding photographer and don’t want the typical posed and boring wedding photography for your wedding, then please head over to my dedicated Nottingham wedding photography website –  – Nottingham Wedding Photography