Nottingham Outdoor Corporate Headshots shot on the Godox AD 200- man sat on chair with hands crossed

One of the great things about modern photography flash gear is the ability to do what we call ‘overpower the sun’ by using powerful flashlights on location to balance the ambient light and shoot at very wide apertures.

I love doing headshots or in this instance portraits in the bright midday sun and having the ability to do high-speed sync and get a great balance between very bright ambient light and the flash – done right and it looks amazing.

I’m a Godox user and have been for a very long time, I use the Godox AD 200’s, Godox AD 600 as well as the smaller speedlights the V860II’s.

These battery-powered flashes are light, compact and give me the ability to move around without need a crew of 20 people.

The brief for this recent outdoor portrait session (in Sneinton market) was to create beautiful separation between the subject and the background which we did that by placing Matt in the shade, open up the aperture on the Fujifilm GFX using the 110mm F2 lens, choosing a really fast shutter speed and pinging some lovely soft light on him from a large softbox which was to the left-hand side.

Outdoor headshots are always included in my individual person headshot session.

If you are looking for a new headshot for Linkedin, your own website, maybe looking for a new job and want a more to give off a more professional impression – then please get in touch about my individual headshot photography sessions Nottingham Headshot Photography
Outdoor Flash Portraits – Godox Flashes